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St Patrick's Church, Bangalore (formerly Cathedral) built in 1837-41 , re-furbished in 1897-99.

The majority of the photos presented here were taken by Ronnie Johnson and come from an album of photos seemingly prepared by the then Parish Priest, Rev. A.M. Tabard, for presentation to the Bishop of Mysore, Rt. Rev. E.L. Kleiner, on the occasion of his visit to re-open the Cathedral after its restoration in 1899.

Copy photographer and donator, Ronnie Johnson writes:

During the term of the previous Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Pat Digby, lots of encouragement was given to us researchers, and we did come across a fantastic collection of photographs. These were being hidden for over 75 years, as they were the collection of late Rev. Fr. Maria Antoine Tabard, one of the former Parish Priests of St. Patricks, who passed away in 1925. The album also contains original flower decorations, and probably prepared for Fr. Tabard by the Good Shepherd nuns. This album was presented to the late Rt. Rev. E.L. Kleiner, DD, Bishop of Mysore, on the occassion of the re-opening of St. Patrick's Church after rennovation in 1899. The album also contained pictures of the Altar at St. Joseph's Boys School Chapel, and some of the Priests Cemetery at Sacred Heart's Church, and the Catholic Cemetery on Hosur Road. St. Patrick's was called the Cathedral, as the Bishop found it more convenient than St. Mary's at Blackpally, Shivijinagar. There are more than 7 Bishops buried in this church, but with the number of alterations down the years, there are no proper markings to indicate the spot of each grave.